Frequently asked

questions about photography


Do I need to mention your name when using one of your photos?

No, you do not have to give credit. But, that doesn't mean I don't appreciate it. 
A simple mention or a link back to is received as a great token of appreciation.


Can I use the images for commercial projects?



Can I use the Photos for printed publications?



Can I sell your photos?

No. You're not allowed to sell the photos. 


Where do the photos come from?

All photography is original and made exclusively by me, Lior Mazliah.


Are you creating new work?

Yes. I create and publish new photo collections and resources on a regular basis. You can subscribe with your email address to get the new collections and resources delivered to your inbox. 


What do I get by subscribing to your email list?

  • Once a month; an original photo collection containing 10 new royalty free images.
  • Occasionally; updates about web design, new resources, tools, tutorials and workshops.

How often do you send emails to your list?

Usually no more than once or twice a month. 



To download a photo collection click the download icon ( ) at the bottom of the collection page. A zip file will start downloading automatically within seconds. The zip file contains all the high-resolution versions of the photos.


Is there a way to download individual photos one at the time?



Do you provide model and property release contracts with the photos?

None of the work comes with a model or property release.


Can I hire you as a photographer?

Although I do not offer commissioned photography as a standalone service, I do keep an open mind towards creative collaborations. If you have a specific request for a photo/video project, illustration, or other visual artwork, you're welcome to contact me.